Season Of KDE 2018

It’s been 6 months since I came to KDE community, but it feels it was a few days back.

But I deeply thank our awesome community and helpful mentors, Johnny Jazeix, Timothee Giet, Divyam Madaan, Emmanuel Charruau and Rudra Nil Basu who kept guiding me and helped me constantly in my tasks through which I learned a lot of things, which otherwise I could have never got the opportunity to learn.

Starting from reading the code base of 1st activity to now have almost read the entire codebase, it’s been a really awesome path in my life and now. And due to sheer hard work and dedication towards my works and support from my mentors, I have been selected in Season Of KDE 2018 as my dream came true.. ❤

In this year’s KDE-SoC, I will be completing the started activity “Programming Maze” in GSoC 2015, which can be thought to be more like a Block Programming language or an Algorithm interpreter whose aim is to teach programming to beginners in the coding field. This is an awesome activity which is quite interesting and helps in learning the basics of coding (how flow of execution takes place in a code, how, when and why to use functions in a code and how to code efficiently to find better solutions), and will also teach to use and understand different types of Loops (will start developing soon), and show execution of each step.

I once again would like to thank all the mentors from the bottom of my heart to provide me such a great opportunity to help in improving our community and software and turned me into a SoK student.

I will continue to contribute for a long time and help our software grow, as much as I can.

I will be maintaining blogs here regarding the progress of my SoK project.


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