SoK 2018 wrap-up report


SoK is finally coming to an end tomorrow for the 40 days projects and it’s been a great experience for me being a part of this wonderful season of code 😉

I learned many things during this period and most important of all, experience. I got the chance to interact more with my awesome mentors Timothee Giet and Johnny Jazeix and discussed a lot of ways which I could use to achieve my goals and explore them and select the best method which helped me gain the much-required thing, exposure. I also learned an important thing that coding is not only about writing working code but quality code which will be maintainable for a long time.

In my previous report, I mentioned about the completion of distinguishing all elements’ files and decorrelate them from each other. Here are some screenshots of some small parts of the code for creating dynamic objects of the file components and connecting the signals with parent file:

Screenshot from 2018-02-09 00-56-36

Screenshot from 2018-02-09 00-56-29


Regarding the final status of my project, I completed the following tasks in this phase:

  1. Implemented keyboard controls in the activity to make it keyboard-only playable.
  2. Improved UI of the activity:
    1. Added icons.
    2. Created and added the background image.
    3. Added animations to various actions by the user.
  3. Prevented stretching of various elements on different screen sizes.
  4. Tested on different platforms and devices with different resolutions and ensured proper working.

And with the above completed tasks, my SoK project is finished and now finally it has to be merged into master.

It’s been a great winter for me and one of the most important as well. I hope my work will reach to the people and kids around the world using this software and will help GCompris move one step ahead in its path of expanding success.

I once again deeply thank KDE and GCompris to provide me an opportunity to be a part of this awesome season 🙂


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