Google Summer of Code 2018 with KDE


It’s been 2 days since the GSoC accepted student list was announced and I’m still getting goosebumps thinking about the moment I saw my name on the website.

I started contributing to open source after attending a GSoC session in our college by one of our senior and a previous GSoC student with KDE: Aroonav Mishra. I was very inspired by the program and that defined the turning point of my life.

I’m extremely grateful to my parents, my firends and specially my seniors who kept me motivated throughout: Aroonav Mishra, Shibasis Patel (previous GSoC student with OpenAstronomy) and Ankit Jha. They’ve been less like seniors and more like friends which helped me getting the positive environment.

I also deeply thank all my mentors for making it possible.

It has been almost an year since I came to KDE community where I eventually started my “actual” open source journey. I started contributing heavily and the mentors are very helpful and supportive. They always guided me whenever I needed any help or was stuck at anything. Under their guidance, I learnt many things during the period of my contributions. I had never thought I would get this far.

Then something wonderful happened, I applied for the Season of KDE 2018 and got selected (hurray!! πŸ˜€ ). More can be read about this in my previous blog posts. This was my biggest achievement I ever had. And as a result of my hard work and most importantly my mentors’ support, I completed the project and successfully passed SoK.

Instead of exhausting, it made me want to contribute even more and I started working hard more than before and I really loved it.

Then I applied for GSoC. Hoping for the best, I didn’t think of what would be the result, and just continued contributing.

Finally the day came – 23rd April 2018 and nervousness was at its peak since the morning. But then something unbelievable happened, (yay!!!) I got selected in GSoC this year with KDE. I couldn’t control my happiness and it was no less than a dream come true for me ❀

This is the most memorable event in my life till now and I feel to be very lucky to have got such a precious chance to help our awesome community grow and KDE become more cool πŸ˜‰

Hope to spend a progressive and successful summer coding!

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