GSoC 2018: Week 4 & 5


The last 2 weeks were mainly dedicatd for reviews and testing and thanks to my mentors, I passed the first evaluation with good work till now. Some significant changes were made on discussion with my mentors during the last 2 weeks in the code and some new features.

  1. Added E3, F3, D6, E6, F6 keys and corresponding black keys (sharp and flat).
  2. Added a warning dialog to let the user confirm if they want to delete all the notes.
  3. Added insert feature. Now the user will be able to insert any note at any position he wants.
  4. Removed replace feature since it’s now basically the same thing as erasing a note and inserting a new note there.
  5. Reworked the code base according to the new “redraw” function. Now whenever a change is made to the data, the view redraws itself. It has several benefits, some of which are:
    • We don’t have to anymore calculate the x and y position of the notes manually. The code will automatically do it by itself when it redraws and places the notes accordingly.
    • Now we only need the index to get all its details and do any operation on it.
    • The code is lot simplified now and much more flexible.

That’s all for today’s blog. Have great summers ahead!



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